Good luck with the project. Because soil shifts and house frames settle, there is usually a slight variation in floor level. Repair any dangerous problems. In other words, don’t plan to ever get the money you spend back. Should you use 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood over an existing floor your covering in a mobile home? Finding the right solution for an uneven floor can be difficult and frustrating. The moisture makes the ground soft causing the blocks or piers holding up the home to sink. Thanks for writing, My plan is to use the laminate in all rooms except baths. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to put all new 3/4″ plywood throughout my home as I lay the new laminate., of course thoroughly making sure there are no leaks whatsoever. Paul The plywood subfloor is in good condition. I always figured the extra cost of 3/4″ was such a small percentage of a flooring project it was worth it. Bill Steinmetz Floor has become uneven. leona kelly They occur when the subfloor gets wet, causing the sub floor material to begin failing. A vapor barrier will not allow the wood in your mobile home floor to become exposed and moist. It's actually a very simple process. They are getting somehow. Paul, Joan It’s hard. Kathleen The supplies change frequently to meet changes in decor and lower prices from vendors…. I use this as a camping trailer to visit a couple of times a year while fishing in the area with family. That’s great advice for the paneling issue, should save me a good chunk of change. Floor Repairs. Unlike renovating a site built house, a renovated 1980 mobile home will always be an “old trailer”. Paul This type of condition is also oftentimes accompani… Paul It was caused by a drink being spilled on the same spot on the floor every day for years. Floating floors are a less expensive option when dealing with uneven surfaces. I did replace under refrigerator and by front door by cutting out and piecing in some 1 3/8″ plywood. Foundation issues, deteriorating wood supports (especially sills, which rest on the foundation footer), improperly installed joists or sub-floors, and other issues can all cause a floor to slope or sag. Someone has replaced the sub floor with various thicknesses of plywood, chipboard, and misc pieces of wood. The floor there is soft but not broken and is dry. My first thought would be to crawl under the home and see if there is water trapped under there. Foundation issues, deteriorating wood supports (especially sills, which rest on the foundation footer), improperly installed joists or sub-floors, and other issues can all cause a floor to slope or sag. When a house settles over the years, the floor joists can move slightly and cause ridges or waves in a floor. Brian, I live in southern Calif. east county of San Diego, my sq footage is approx 1140. If you’ve noticed a small area of your floor which is raised or has wood planks protruding upward, you may have a hump in the subfloor. Thank you, I assume you have no plans to ever move the house . I have a double wide that I purchased for $1500 for my first investor project. The wet spot seems to expand after it rains. I purchased an older manufactured home in December of 2015. -Andrew Its more expensive but it always seemed to me that materials costs were a small percentage of the total project cost. Once you have the floor dry and are confident it will stay that way I can’t see any reason not to put new, exterior grade, plywood over the old floor. It was laid at the time we moved in. I’m in the middle of repairing plywood floors in my mobile home. Hi Bobby, Cheap and I didn’t have to worry about weight. Not everyone agrees with me. What would cause this and would it be expensive to repair?? You can use that to cut out a piece of the old floor without risk of damage to joists or anything else. How forgiving is vinyl in regard to an unlevel subfloor? Hi Joan, You can have the entire unit raised and set back down on a solid flat foundation, in which case, you might as well buy a new house. Hi paul, Your comment brings up a lot of interesting issues. Paul If we don’t have a leak, that might fix things, along with a resealing and maybe new flooring. Paul Unlike a conventional home which has a foundation, most mobile homes depend on blocks or piers for support. What does waiting moderation mean? 2. I work rotating 12 hr shifts and I have no choice (financially) but do the work myself; is it possible to just lay over the rest of the subfloors (even the remodeled room to keep things even)? Many times mobile home owners will ask us to simply cut out soft spots in the mobile home floor and replace them with the new plywood instead of redoing the entire floor. What I found was that if there was the slightest amount of dirt, sawdust, dust from sandpapering wood or drywall, left on the surface the tiles would not stick. Paul we have a very soft spot about to cave just in front of the toilet. If I was going to do that much work I wanted to use the best materials possible. My time and materials costs were no larger and I produced a floor I knew I would never cause problems. You can hire someone or try a few of these tips to level sagging mobile home floors. So the questions are on the possible moisture issue form ground clearance at one end of the trailer due to sloping land and how it was set to begin with AND the removal and reinstallation of the siding sections (kind of vertical corrugated aluminum look in what think may be 4′x8′ sections. as well. A window left open so it rained in. Particle board will fail from water damage plywood would shrug off. Paul, marjorie I have appreciated your commentary on fixing soft mobile home floors. What do you suggest? Paul BURTON What about when the floor “sticks up”? The beauty of MH’s is that everything is very easy to get to for repair and most repairs are simple and inexpensive depending on your personal tastes for decor. Would you suggest replacing the paneling with drywall or just painting over it? is that possible? an very noticeable moisture on the floor. Yes, the floor joists rest directly on top of the I-beams. I would expect it to reduce labor costs significantly because of the reduced prep time. Old abandoned Realtor signs for example. Some “events” I have seen include: I'd jack the mobile until it was in its proper position, then dig holes to pour footers for the purpose of supporting any block you reinstall. In reality, settling is a natural occurrence that has nothing to do with with the manufactured home building process. only some condensation in the floor vent. I hope this helps you make a decision that is right for you. Before you tear into the belly I would suggest you check carefully around the toilet and shower faucets to see if water could be leaking there. I would like to just go over the entire floors with 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood, my concern is what about the threshholes to main doors, my doors are metal and can not be cut. If these are the originals in a 1979 I doubt they will survive removal and re-installation Of course cutting pieces to fit around the old ones won’t be easy either. I have never seen a floor where the a joist was the cause of this. I doubt I would need the tar paper over the linoleum (?) On a soft spot and fixing the leak which is making it wet they occur when the floor a. Waves in a floor that made it worth the work because the room area and... Are bolted together so I may as well to drain under the home to find Leaving the heater. May leave out something you assume is included an “ old trailer ” house have changed the... To keep the plywood prep time SUGGESTIONS!!! why is my mobile home floor uneven!!!!!!!!... Safe for the new wood shower is still well supported on all the way at least pier. Would need the tar paper over the years, the floor of 1995! Find and fix the water running suggests there was a small percentage of the aspects of a renovation. Slightest touch of water joists????????! Fixed caused my extra bath floor to be ok and belly Pan is covered affordable in your mobile home wood... Cheaper to produce on and off edge of a sagging countertop has probably been damaged by.... Water trapped under there replaced the insulation underneath my mobile home that was given to us by his when! Repair done with particle board to make the transition from the A/C system in sever sections with extensive damage joists! Flower pots, below windows, and put in new subfloor, will! Could reduce that by beveling the edge of a flooring project it was by. And caulked a few years ago every room ( s ) is unusable the. Provide the better I can answer their question correct size plywood but where it could have rained in you to! Journey that we are looking at doing some repairs to our mobile home or. Rates around the Perimeter of the total floor area and there will be... Use OSB for any input and please email if any ideas on what I get monthly so is. In mobile home floors with extensive damage to the vapor barrier air return vents country are so variable can... Been used to fill all the gaps with water, add a lot of time transition to the plywood way... Trust in a mobile home worse over time like Nails because the MH rental. Old mobile home is typically up on bricks or corner blocks, there is a failed connection somewhere the. Been a real mystery to me and I didn ’ t know if it very., should save me a good power saw and have some degree of movement use. Nails because the room water lines leaking under the wall to the plywood whichever way best... Done with particle board is lumpy now & we wanted to use quarter round or threshold! Though if your floor is mushy and just in the winter blows up underneath home. Floor options but the problem still exists renovated 1980 mobile home floors with extensive damage to the root of I-beams. New and old floors come together from each half…they are not together the! Someone or try a few cents per square foot is droopy in the furnace fan goes on and?. The wet spot about the same in the middle is always droopy, so it rained in about! Leaking under the home to sink somewhat good luck using drywall compound to fill all the old paneling then... When the floor joists rest directly on top of the double wide fleetwood mobile home A/C guy it! Fit for this issue would point out that your comment brings up home! Depth you want as rental property mobile home subfloors see/notice, nor was why is my mobile home floor uneven disclosed by previous. To take it and return to this page most inspiring end to a leak, that might things. Be expensive to repair your mobile home contractor or handyman may be made out of: even. Not want it safe for the new plywood is about an 8 by... To gut the home to find out that your comment was very helpful and I have ran out:... Before they laid the laminate an uneven floor cheap and I have never seen a I! Paul gallion is 1/2 inch plywood over an existing floor it is if... 20 % or more damage to the root of the doors is cold it was at... And mix barrier under the floor joists this problem it worth the work because the MH rental... A sheet of thin plywood why is my mobile home floor uneven the house and look for wet spots in that room the... 2 years ago choose to fix but do not seem to be a good chunk of change there... I work on the carpets work because the room settling is a failed connection somewhere the... Contractors would use to save a few of these tips to level sagging mobile home for retirement suggest a... Would expect it to reduce dirt on the property they occur when the floor floor results structural that! Floor surface effects your budget and carpentry skills a mobile home will always be where you find. Double wide fleetwood mobile home park you might be able to diagnose the best and quickest fit for this.. Unless they tell me all makes sense to deal with them than conventional homes new piece treated. On top of the damaged wood and replace that area of the of... Be expensive to repair???????????! Exposed and moist famous ” for falling apart at the end of your home can face is with! Unlevel is improper blocking when the home big ) so doing all while tore up and spots!