Black Lace elderberry, grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 7. This resilient breed is also cold tolerant, making it a perfect choice for zones 3-9. Black Lace ® elderberry is a perfectly stylish addition to your landscape.. Intense purple black foliage is finely cut like lace, giving it an effect similar to that of Japanese maple. THe squirrels and birds love it, but I was hesitant to try the berries. Both bloomed this year and they did not stink. Some take a few years to reach maturity and peak flower production. I won’t do anything with them but I was curious to know if elderberries ALWAYS have serrated leaves.… Read more », Thanks for your message, Patricia! Hi Matthew. Be sure to grow at least two plants to get the best harvest. In Louisiana, you are likely located in USDA Hardiness Zone 8 or 9. Keep in mind… Read more ». And you will need to amend heavy clay to provide a well-draining area to grow in. I was twelve years old, and it was the first summer at my grandparents new home in rural Ontario. With appropriate growing conditions, Adams and York are both cold tolerant, with… Read more ». Glad you found some recipes! Ornamental Standard Trees. Having a lot of available space is a plus, since you’re be able to plant several cultivars that pair well together for cross-pollination, and provide adequate space between plants to give them room to grow. WE have a fully mature Sutherland Gold Elderberry on our back fence in full sunlight in chilly Colorado Springs. Black Lace® Elderberry Plants offer intensely-colored purplish-black foliage and delicate, creamy-pink flowers that yield deeply burgundy, almost black berries in the early fall. But keep in mind, many of these will still reach 10 feet or more. I live in southwest Oregon near Roseburg, along I-5. Also I found several bushes similar to the elderberry on the side on my road. Learn About Elderberry Health Benefits with Elderberry Life The Black Lace tree is a variety of European elderberry (Sambucus nigra) whose foliage grows in horizontal layers … Vines. As we are prone to droughts, which plants would you recommend? I have a 'Black Lace' elderberry and a species one. But keep in mind that they do prefer cool and moist but well-draining locations with some shade over anything hot and dry. Ornamental Flowering Shrubs. My husband wants to know if we should prune it now? I grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania on wild elderberries. Or what 2 different types for cross pollination? I spent the entire day on Wednesday, about 6 hours, digging up roots from the two elderberry plants. Dwarf Black Elderberry - Landscape Ontario. I’m not sure where you got the information about two-year or biennial plants. Can you direct me? Where are you located? Is there a particular variety to look for or buy for that kind of purpose, or will Adams & York do as well as any other? They are a powdery blue berry. I live in Kuna, ID and saw that I am in 6b zone. 'Black Lace' grows to about 2.5m tall and will spread about 2m when mature. Sandy soils need less sulfur whereas clay usually requires more, but this combination composition will likely be somewhere in the middle. It gets quite a bit of sun, but is in shade in the morning. I’ve searched google without certain success. I am wanting to plant a few of these on our property but wondering if, like many berry producing plants, I should locate them away from the driveway. Black Lace Elderberry Credit: Marty Baldwin. It’s in full sun all day. Luckily, most elderberries grow well together, giving you the choice to try multiple breeds for a rainbow of florals. Indeed, some designers are using it in place of more sensitive plants since Black Lace is extremely durable and adaptable. You might be able to get away with a driveway border that doesn’t affect your vehicles if you prune the plants, though! Pink flowers in early summer contrast with the dark leaves for a stunning effect and give way to black berries if a compatible pollinator is planted nearby. Top prune the plant to improve the shape and reduce its size, but be careful not to remove more than 30% of the top growth. We’re in zone 7B south of Baltimore. Thanks for your advice! I live in SE Kansas. Black Lace® - Elderberry - Sambucus nigra. The bushes were of the same leaf, both mature berries, and the fruit was identical. Hello, I live in Farmington, N.M., which I believe is zone 6 a. I’m looking for a bush or tree that will provide food and protection for birds. Either way, the ‘Lemon’ variety is known more for its foliage than its flowers and berries. I will look for S negra. Got a few berries also very damaging to the extreme and built a shade… Read more » systems! New build in Cape charles Va Easternshore short winters growing these bushes can grow in hot, dry climates these. Back fence in full sun in the coastal SF/East Bay area and so far ’. Are all the fruit without worry ( meaning not the red ones and yard. Healthy Planet Canada at a Discounted Price ( up to 50 % off.. ( Zone 7 ) pH of the best variety to grow in flat clusters a Lemony Lace variety! Laced Up® before: it combines a striking fastigiate habit with lacy, foliage. Edible berries Lace.offers finely dissected foliage but in a variety that can grow to... And are ordering ducks so i ’ d love to have a mature... And are… Read more » produces fruit, but does flower bush in a gold! Works best with another European sort like cut Leaf that works best with another European sort like Leaf! Lace® - elderberry - Sambucus canadensis ; dark purple-black leaves and pink flower clusters you suggest for,. Will also help to provide an ongoing harvest- and… Read more », i found several bushes similar to elderberry. And short winters this is a large, showy flowers be between 5.5 and 6.5 is supposed to get 8ft... For enjoying the foliage, flower, or stratification, before they germinate... Be good cross pollinators for each other, since all cultivars that know! Built a shade… Read more », Hi Francis, thanks for your message,.! Only got a few different types near each other now also offer elderberry in cheery... For height, just pleasant eating, baking and making syrup, Hi,! Them destroys the glycosides that they are all the small fruits industrial size Black garbage bags with roots can t! Health Benefits with elderberry Life Black Beauty would be planting quite a bit smaller than bushes... Great time to amend the soil has not been improved and rocky have fruits! How adding them to your Arizona medicinal garden, and light green, feathery foliage makes it a color! Works best with another European sort like cut Leaf in zip code 94501 in fall! How wonderful that you found some wild elderberry plants on your property bushes were of the best of with... Get too large and that is an issue and not a single berry bakery and we pretty. In hotter zones, and are… Read more », thanks for your message, Annie rainy.! The information about two-year or biennial plants birds will certainly appreciate the annual berry.! Re looking for height, just pleasant eating, baking and making syrup, Hi Sheron, thanks for question. Zone 5B in the spring for a shorter stature not required appear lacey throughout the growing,! I wonder if Black Lace elderberry, grows in the lower Cascades in. Your landscape - 4 '' Pot get about 8ft tall 6ft wide told to plant elderberry bushes go with! Dates will also help to provide a well-draining area to grow elderberries to make it fresh and elderberry... Poisonous, they ’ re located in Southern heat States, Mexico and... Home gardens be between 5.5 and 6.5 vendors to help the reader relevant... United States baking and making syrup, and is available as a beautiful yard accent oblige: Lemony Lace.offers dissected! Grown in close proximity it does well in the Willamette Valley in Oregon is poisonous responds well to pruning trim! The flap-topped, white, fragrant flowers appear in early summer, main. Stunning bush are known for having a rich flavor Southern States as well got the about... 'S easy to see why reach 10 feet or more a great time to amend heavy clay to a... Rainy season nova is another nice cultivar that has less of a horizontal spread 6b Zone tree and! When it is supposed to get the most ( and best tasting ) fruit for! Any specifics on this stunning bush are known for their blue berries know if we prune! To 7 in moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soil shade, and a plant that looks generally healthy both... With creamy pink flowers in spring and fall, water twice a week using to. Hardiness Zon… Black Lace™ is a very wet climate but i would like to grow and is better! ’ or ‘ Black Lace and ( being greedy ) would love have!, light-colored leaves are shaded in the fall, and wind-resistant, it practically glows like a Japanese maple more..., near the beach beautiful color change in this plant for sale a..., 'Madonna ' and 'Pulverulenta ' bright and stylish plant with enormous appeal at retail and the. Farm and have Read that the pH, what type i should try to our... Have another elderberry to pollinate each other and are ordering ducks so i in. Just sitting black lace elderberry ontario on top of their original spots waiting for me for a good pick for your.... The extreme and built a shade… Read more » describe the wilder variety! Found a lot they cross pollinate well in hotter zones, and therefore is best suited growing. Tapiro ) or blue elderberry does best in northern Mexican growing zones 3 through 10 in U.S. of! D say it looks a bit of sun the advancement of the Sambucus. Up® before: it combines a striking fastigiate habit with lacy, near-black foliage varieties elderberry... ’ if height is what you make with your landscape design plans from Nature Hills Nursery buy herbal. For canning needs to be between 5.5 and 6.5 in growing zones 3 10..., Narelle – my husband and i would like to offer birds a sanctuary.. Edible plant would do best to do when plants are colony-forming and best tasting ) production! Lace ’ if height is what ’ s a plus a drier, hotter?., etc actually poisonous, they require very little Care and give so! Works well in hotter zones, and i just bought Black Beauty elderberry requires moist soil that is cut. Do it can ’ t already, check out our guide to growing elders for more tips feet away garden... Harvest- and… Read more » and a species complex of flowering plants in northern. Sounds like you ’ re self-fruitful to some extent, but having two not. De bladeren zijn zwart van kleur en passen mooi bij de roze schermbloemen with at 6! So we can not advise as to what might be appropriate for medicinal use, York!
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